matrix resurrection wouldn't let me hate it!


ok, this shit is reacting with my

i just made my profile a valid shell script with a low key forkbomb at the end of a heredoc

gonna go murder some brain & sperm cells before I start doing strange things

@teutat3s btw, i tried registering on your matrix instance & got this:

msisdn is not a supported 3PID medium type

so i'm for now. once i sell a kidney and get another vps up i'm def hosting mastodon & matrix instances on

too bad interoperability is infeasible with my app - safety, legality, creepiness, etc concerns necessitate an intermediary. le sigh.

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About searching on #Mastodon :mastodon:

You can search for other users in 3 ways:
By the 'short' handle:

By the 'full' handle:

Or with the 'public' profile URL:

Searching for posts

You can search for posts in 2 ways:

On hashtags, for example:
#Linux #Mastodon

Or on the 'full post URL!' (click on a post timestamp for the public URL, or 3 little dots => 'Copy lint to post').
This applies for both 'remote' and 'local' posts. (on your instance and others)


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